We started TicketyBrew on 14 February 2013. The brewery was built during the day and then the first brew took place throughout the night. It was a very romantic Valentine’s, as you can imagine!

TicketyBrew began because Duncan and I were looking for a flexible way to make a living, while raising our children. Duncan, had been an actor from an early age (check him out in Agent Z and the Penguins from Mars on YouTube!) but had decided it wasn’t for him anymore. I wasn’t enjoying my career and also wanted to see my kids more.

One of our great loves has always been beer, and after brainstorming all our options,  we believed starting a brewery would allow us to have a job that we enjoyed, while giving us the flexibility we craved.

So while, TicketyBrew might not have been started with some great ambition to turn the world of brewing upside down, it has been started with great love and commitment.

We try and come up with new ideas and give them a whirl as often as our small brewery allows, to keep us excited about our day job. We are very lucky to be feeding our family through the beer that Duncan makes.

2014 saw our tiny brewery go from strength to strength. Wonderful people have helped us distribute our beer nationwide. The fabulous Paul Walker has joined the team. We expanded with more vessels and more casks, and also got keg ready – so hopefully 2015 should see the Dubbel on draught.

So thank you all for your support. It can be a bit overwhelming the support we’ve had since Feb 2013. In particular with a little trademark hiccup that came our way. You’re amazing!

And finally the answers to the questions I get asked the most:

Our name and our labels: They are a loving, tongue in cheek gesture to Duncan’s previous career. TicketyBrew is the phoenix from the flames of an acting career!

Yes, we do label by hand, and no, I don’t really enjoy it, but it does allow me to catch up with TV.

And yes, the first thing we will buy is a swanky bottling and labelling machine when we win the lottery! Apparently, closely followed by the original Han Solo in carbonite – which you will be able to see on brewery tours, as there is no chance of it going in my house! 

If you have any questions, or are a licenced establishment that would like to sell our beer, please do get in contact: keri@ticketybrew.co.uk or 07970 093665. Apologies in advance, there will be kids in the background!